Wait Until Dark

Director: Terence Young
Year Released: 1967
Rating: 2.5

When it was first released, this film was considered a successfully starting thriller, and an audience favorite. Looking at it thirty years later, however, it seems tame compared to recent shockers like The Blair Witch Project and Jacob's Ladder (I disliked both). Audrey Hepburn is convincing as a blind woman being terrorized by three criminals in search of a doll (filled with heroin) they think she has in her apartment. Alan Arkin plays the creepiest of the three thugs, and shows just how talented he really is. But the film is filled with logic errors and held together by an asinine plot: the three criminals go through WAY too much trouble to finding this doll - disguises, phony telephone numbers, different personalities, etc. The film also takes far to long getting going (I found myself checking the clock frequently for the first hour), though the last half-hour is really something. Worth watching for Hepburn, Arkin and the finale.