Blood and Wine

Director: Bob Rafelson
Year Released: 1996
Rating: 1.5

It's a crime caper that occasionally turns into a bloody Tom & Jerry cartoon: Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine conspire to steal a multi-million dollar necklace from some rich woman only to lose the necklace and then chase after it; every so often, people get smashed in the face with all sorts of things like canes and/or poles and/or have their heads bashed in (because they mean business). Logical loopholes and contrivances are so commonplace that ignoring anything but the performances is probably the best route (it forgoes pesky plot exposition and things of that nature; the 'wine' in the title doesn't have much to do with the story ... you know, symbolism and all that), and Caine knows how to turn out one slimy thug (maybe it's the mustache). Jennifer Lopez, pre-Megastar Diva stage, is the bland love interest.