After Hours

Director: Martin Scorsese
Year Released: 1985
Rating: 3.0

Crazed comedy by Scorsese - it shows his range - about a man (Griffin Dunne) who goes out on a date in New York City and can't get home. The script is fresh out of some creative writing workshop - everything is perfectly linked with everything else, so a $20 Dunne loses comes back in the least likely of spaces - that is supposed to lend the film a dream-like air, though if anyone that has really closely analyzed their own dreams should know they never make much sense and the disparate sections rarely come together. Still immense fun for its statement about "getting the most out of your weekends" - it's as if Scorsese and screenwriter Joseph Minion are saying that you can't enjoy the comfort of your safe desk job without experiencing what life without safety really is.