A Brief History of Time

Director: Errol Morris
Year Released: 1992
Rating: 3.0

Following British physicist Stephen Hawking's belief that in the future, the origin of the universe should be understood by everyone, Morris takes a simplified look at the great man's ideas and follows it up with anecdotes from his colleagues and mixes in pieces of autobiography. While not really going the distance with either part - there is neither enough physics nor biography - it is still absolutely compelling material, giving understandable snippets to we non-mathematically inclined and some general background on Hawking himself (but avoiding the less pleasant parts). In its own way, it's really an inspirational film showcasing how one of the world's greatest minds has to struggle with the severe limitations of his own body yet plunges forth in his work - that his work not only saves his life from stagnation but is a major boon to humanity itself.