Pitch Black

Director: David Twohy
Year Released: 2000
Rating: 1.0

Aliens-inspired sci-fi movie about a crew trapped on a planet with three suns and attacked by CGI raptors that are afraid of light. Most conveniently, the convict on the planet with shiny eyes (Vin Diesel) can see in the dark, so when the movie turns into its title, he takes over the show, kicking ass/taking names (he's also the most convincing one when handling the dialogue - even the most ridiculous lines work when he says them; maybe it's due to the fact that Diesel is a giant comic book fan). The bleached-out scenery makes things hard to see, but the lighting and effects during the nocturnal parts make up for it; plot-wise, it's about as mechanical as they come, rehashing many sci-fi clichés.