Man of Aran

Director: Robert Flaherty
Year Released: 1934
Rating: 1.0

First "sound" film by Flaherty about a group of fisherman who live off the coast of Ireland. It shows three things: the wild ocean, using seaweed to grow crops and killing a shark for sustenance - and of those three elements, there are mostly shots of endless waves crashing, making it more of a diuretic than a documentary (not that it was much of a 'documentary' to begin with, considering Flaherty's hand in manipulating the on-screen events rather than letting them unfold 'naturally'). Aside from a few title cards explaining the basics of what they're doing, I still know very little about any of these people - unlike, say, Nanook in Nanook of the North, where (recreations or no recreations) there was the constant palpable threat of doom.