Songs From the Second Floor

Director: Roy Andersson
Year Released: 2000
Rating: 1.5

Fragmented view of, well, the end of the world I'm guessing, since it doesn't particularly seem to go anywhere or amount to much of anything (that is, if - like me - you don't find the glibness of throwing fake novelty crucifixes onto a garbage pile to be particularly meaningful). Fans of Gilliam's Brazil might find much to like in this piecemeal, neo-Jarmusch view of grotesquely obese men and women (straight out of a Lucian Freud painting) staring into the camera while bizarre things happen in the background, but aside from an exquisitely executed sequence where a little girl is kicked off a cliff (and the following scene, where an old man vomits up his alcohol and a woman is so drunk she can't get back on her bar stool), I was largely unamused.