God Told Me To

Director: Larry Cohen
Year Released: 1976
Rating: 1.0

Scatterbrained police procedural that has a hard-boiled New York City cop (never in short supply) chasing after mass-murderers who claim that God is the one instructing them to perform their horrendous acts. The longer it goes on, the more inane it becomes to the point where the idea of a spiritual creature recruiting Andy Kaufman to wreck havoc is probably the most realistic idea in the picture. Taking off-road detours with plots can be interesting, but Cohen sinks his own compelling premise with campy weirdness and a laughable finale, wherein a glowing Christ-figure reveals that he has a moist vagina growing on the side of his body and that a space ship impregnated the 'Virgin Mary.' Feels like a Fulci or Avati film, and if Cohen's name were not in the credits I would have assumed one of them made it.