Gentlemen's Agreement

Director: Elia Kazan
Year Released: 1947
Rating: 2.0

Not only is this outdated, it's also (shudder) a message movie that takes it point and (pardon my harshness) rams it down your throat. Gregory Peck (in yet another one-note, one-tone performance - I'm starting to think this guy's a horrible actor) is a famed magazine writer who is doing a story on the hatred of Jews, and, in order to really 'identify' with his subject matter, he starts calling himself Jewish and is consequently treated much differently. Frankly, I never knew that this was a major problem in America in 1947. I kept thinking throughout the whole show, "I wonder what would happen if he told people he was black?" The double takes everyone does whenever Peck reveals his 'Hebrew heritage' is a bit much.