American Wedding

Director: Jesse Dylan
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 0.5

I can only hope this trilogy is finally over so that I can forgive myself for liking American Pie so much despite its disgusting view of relationships (girls should be treated nice and with respect so you can wear them down and *then* fuck them). Jason Biggs and Allyson Hannigan are the mentally stunted main couple - the former still consistently being caught in embarrassing situations, the latter still prone to using her simple-little-girl voice and using complex verbs like "boning" - who, I think, were really supposed to be the main focus, but Seann William Scott does provide a few weak chuckles with his broad caricature of the American Frat Boy, complete with the false machismo and Marine Corps vocabulary. Of course Biggs and Hannigan wed, but Scott learns the most important lesson of all: you can't just 'play at' respecting girls, you have to delude yourself into thinking that your 'playing at' being respectful to girls is genuine ... and *then* you can fuck them. These life lessons don't grow on trees, people.