Freaky Friday

Director: Mark S. Waters
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 2.5

Surprisingly spirited modernization of the original story (and 1977 movie): in this version, a psychiatrist mother and rock grrl daughter exchange bodies for a day and realize that they need to be more aware of each other's difficulties (life's a challenge no matter how old or young you are). Disney-Hollywoodish moments dominate the last third (its weakest section) but the first two acts are surprisingly funny and the performances are dead on (Jamie Lee Curtis summons her inner 15-year-old when she goes on a shopping spree; Lindsay Lohan straightens her posture and handles her friends conservatively). Doesn't get around to 'solving' some of the loose ends - for example, the younger brother's problems with bullies and 'applying himself' not to mention the unresolved battle between Lohan and a bitchy classmate of hers - but as far as family films go, at least it's not an insult to anyone's intelligence.