Anything Else

Director: Woody Allen
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 1.0

Jason Biggs plays a young Woody Allenesque writer who gets treated like garbage by the wacky women he loves; Woody Allen portrays a deranged variation on Woody Allen, a lot like the "Uncle Jean" character Godard played in his own First Name: Carmen. Most of Woody's 90's pictures (and beyond) have been disastrous - he's a shell of his earlier self, going through the motions every single year - and I can't understand why he keeps rehashing old ideas despite obvious critical opposition. Sweet and Lowdown was a joyous break from the norm because it showed us two people we've never met before in a Woody Allen picture, and because of that it was one of the better films of that year. He does deserve some kind of credit for sticking to his guns and keeping with what he knows - his topics are no longer 'fresh' but they still interest him and to him that's all that matters. Times change, but the Holocaust jokes won't stop.