Chariots of the Gods?

Director: Harald Reinl
Year Released: 1974
Rating: 3.0

Obviously dated but still inviting curio piece about whether or not some of the most bizarre and complex structures in the world - from Easter Island to the pyramids in Egypt - were made by man alone or with assistance by some visitors from another time and place. Will probably strike most as hokum and drug-induced garbage, but I found the film to be a stimulating think piece, like one of those Friday night coffee-and-pie conversations you've no doubt had with friends. Goes too far in insisting that the 'gods' were astronauts - it forces you to 'see' what it wants you to 'see' - and the muzak is borderline unbearable, but I doubt Erich von Daniken's source book was intended as 'truly scientific' instead of quasi-informed entertainment.