28 Days Later

Director: Danny Boyle
Year Released: 2002
Rating: 2.0

Everyone that's reviewed this has mentioned Romero's film Dawn of the Dead as an inspiration - particularly an early scene where the ragtag family stops in a deserted shop to get some Glenlivet and jam - but neglected to include that Boyle also uses parts of Night of the Living Dead (that of the 'living' staying in a building and being surrounded by enemies like the Welsh troops in Zulu) and Day of the Dead (keeping one of the zombies chained up to scientifically 'test'). Digital video is a mixed blessing, as are the philosophical points brought up by a no-nonsense Christopher Eccleston that the film is ill prepared to flesh out (the choices made by the makeshift army are illogical, but considering the situation its inhabitants can't be asked to behave rationally). Might have made a really good video game ... er, but wait a minute, it already is a video game ... oh wait, correction, video games: Resident Evil, Silent Hill or House of the Dead 1 or 2 and I can certainly go on. The phone number you were looking for, Mr. Boyle, is 1-800-IRVINE-WELSH. Don't mention it.