Yellow Submarine

Director: George Dunning
Year Released: 1968
Rating: 2.5

Trippy 90-minute music video with creative, wacky animated characters and a plot based on the famous Beatles tune "Yellow Submarine." The story basically involves some top-heavy, yellow-toothed Blue Meanies taking over Pepperland and turning its music-loving inhabitants into stone statues. In order to save them, one of Pepperland's inhabitants escapes in the Yellow Submarine to get help from none other than George, Ringo, Paul and John and consequently restore music and harmony to the ravaged, colorless land. Some parts are quite charming and inventive, but the whole thing runs on way, way too long. Also, the Beatles themselves do horrible voice-over work, and the overly jokey dialogue (filled with corny puns and one-liners) is outdated. A must for fans of the group and young children - older people may find the whole thing rather silly.