The Mystery of Picasso

Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
Year Released: 1956
Rating: 3.0

For seventy-five minutes, the great Spanish artist works with a variety of media to demonstrate for Clouzot's camera - and us - how he would approach a painting, what he likes from a visual standpoint (and doesn't like), and how often a painting of his is altered over time. Clouzot's got a lock on this one - I mean, who would dare complain about seeing one of the finest painters (if not 'the' finest) that ever lived actually work? - and thinks nothing of telling his subject that he's running out of film, that he should hurry up, or just stop (it's a little cringe-inducing: hey, H-G., do you know who you're talking to?). Some diversity would have been a nice bonus - what about Pablo outside of the studio? - but as the saying goes, 'leave them wanting more.'