Director: Peter Weir
Year Released: 1985
Rating: 0.0

It doesn't take long after an Amish Mother (Kelly McGillis) and her Son leave their idyllic homeland full of beaming faces and un-mowed grass for the Amish Son to see a cop get his throat slit in the bathroom at a bus station in the City of Brotherly Love (how ironic!). It also does not take long before the world-weary police officer (Harrison Ford) that knows about the corruption going on in the Police Department (corrupt cops? Dear me!) has to seek refuge in Amish country where he falls for the Amish Mother and the dichotomy between being aggressive (city folk; "the English") and being passive (the country bumpkins; "the Germans") is reinforced time and time and time again: because the Amish are kind and peaceful, nasty white-trash tourists wipe ice cream on their faces knowing they won't swing back; because the Amish don't listen to the radio or have cars or pack heavy artillery, Ford's rockabilly music and pistol offends them. The movie ends shortly after a man is killed by falling waves of grain (or is that corn?).