The Eiger Sanction

Director: Clint Eastwood
Year Released: 1975
Rating: 0.0

Clint sexually harasses a young girl by slapping her on the rear after she comes onto him, critiques a book he's reviewing with one word: 'crap' (how brutal and one-sided!), turns on his 'prissy' side when making a fake delivery, makes countless racist remarks - all of which to women (he calls his black girlfriend "Aunt Jemima") - and I'm only talking about the first twenty minutes. As for the plot, well, he takes orders from a Nazi albino named Mr. Dragon and has a score to settle with a Murderous Queer who conveniently named his dog "Faggot." In other words ... this guy made Unforgiven? The reason for Eastwood and crew to climb the Eiger makes no sense, and the ending is even less clear; I lost faith in the movie's ability to entertain, and kept watching only for the cinematography. Does have a mean - and unexpected - anti-American slant, though since every character comes across as being bitter and nasty that may just go with the territory.