The Hunted

Director: William Friedkin
Year Released: 2003
Rating: 2.0

Ridiculous and illogical action picture, yet I can't say I wasted my time watching: Tommy Lee Jones tries to bring loco protégé Benicio del Toro into custody for killing a group of hunters, but del Toro is crafty and almost sub-human and adapts to all kinds of environments. Borrows from a lot of movies - Silence of the Lambs, Southern Comfort, The Edge, The Fugitive - and (purposely?) requires a supreme amount of suspension of disbelief - oh look, how convenient, spare steel and a fire hot enough to make a hatchet-knife; oh look, a wild, wounded canine: here, let me get close to you and heal you with this cud I chewed up - but packed with campy energy, like a gory B movie edited down from a much larger running time. Is Connie Nielson the illegitimate daughter of Leonard Zelig or what?