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Suitor, The

Director:  Pierre Étaix
Year Released:  1962
Rating:  3.0

Or, Dating Nightmares, Circa the mid-20th Century. Pierre (Étaix himself), who lives with his parents (and they want him out), is told he needs to find a wife so he heads into the city, failing time and again to get attention from the ladies ... and then becomes fixated on a singer (France Arnel). It may not have the rhythm and flow of the silent masters (Étaix worked with Tati), but it is fiercely clever, and the scene with Pierre and a woman blitzed on champagne - where he has to get her collapsing body back to her apartment - is super amusing, especially if you've ever been in a similar situation (intoxicated people are very hard to 'steer'). It takes him the entire time to come to the realization that he was meant to be with the Scandinavian au pair living under the same roof the whole time ... so what if they can't communicate with one another?

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