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Director:  Morten Tyldum
Year Released:  2016
Rating:  2.0

While on a space shuttle sent to colonize (and most likely ruin) another planet, a technical glitch awakens Jim (Chris Pratt) out of his hyper-sleep close to 100 years before he's supposed to get up - lonely, he makes a (risky) decision to tinker with Aurora's (Jennifer Lawrence) pod in order to have a companion. There's an intriguing ethical quandary to this that helps hold it together - is it right to ruin someone else's life for your own happiness? - amidst the mess of plot holes (Lawrence's character never finds it suspicious that her pod was sabotaged), scientific errors and contrivances (Laurence Fishburne's captain is 'awakened' and then dispatched in order to give the main characters access to restricted areas). Both leads are committed, but this could have used a few more brain cells to patch up the script ... and does a ship this architecturally lovely (like a super-mall) really need a forest growing in the middle of it? And while they were at it, why not produce a few good-looking kids?

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