Dark Horse

Director: Todd Solondz
Year Released: 2011
Rating: 0.0

Age is supposed to mature us and make us wiser and (hopefully) make artists better at their craft, but then there's Solondz who, after close to twenty years of making mediocre movies, simply defies expectations. This time in Todd's Kingdom of Miserable Scum, a toy-collecting man-child (Jordan Gelber) - who works for his father and still lives in his childhood bedroom (despite possessing, I'm assuming, the funds to move out) - asks a troubled woman (Selma Blair) he hardly knows to marry him: meanwhile, he's slacking off at work (the secretary does his work for him), he's difficult for anyone to talk to or try to reason with, he's emotionally disturbed and actually has the gall to bill his poor mother (Mia Farrow) for her "losses" when they play backgammon (...what?). When this delusional, stubborn oaf gets into an accident (with his bright yellow Hummer), has his legs amputated and then suffers from Hep B (which he got from Blair), it's Solondz taking more delight in showing one of his incredibly flawed creations perish. What can one take from this? Nothing, except that some Transformers toys can go for hundreds on eBay (which I did not know).