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American Pie 2

Director:  J. B. Rogers
Year Released:  2001
Rating:  0.5

Goodie: here's another installment with the sexually disturbed youngsters so hell-bent on getting cookies that they seem to neglect any other part of life that is enjoyable. The first picture was something of a guilty pleasure, and something of a breakthrough: it felt honest, to a degree, and likeable and fresh, breaking new ground with the understanding that yes, intimacy is an awkward thing (American Pie played off the ideas of insecurity and innocence as being precious to cling to, and even more interesting to lose). But Pie 2 just plays off the first, making constant references to it, reusing the best gags to no effect, making a "lesbian" scene incredibly sad and uncomfortable, not because of what it says, but what it does not say. Thinking back to past (and hopefully future) college-related experience(s), I cannot think of a single person from this film that could exist in reality or if anyone I have ever known has ever had a pointless conversation like the kind they frequently engage in here. Lame, contrived and mostly unfunny; I will never see the third, should the cast ever get hard up for cash.

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